Our Services

TWH’s services are available to youth aged 15-18, and seniors 65+ free of charge.

Each client can have up to two sessions per month, availability allowing.

Sessions may be held virtually or in person. Home visits will be offered with limited availability.


  • POSTURE: Learn how to have a healthy posture that promotes pain-free longevity.

  • Learn how to align the body while standing, and which muscles to engage to maintain healthy posture.

  • Practice how to align the body while sitting. Learning cues to engage the proper muscles to maintain a healthy seated posture.

  • Practice diaphragmatic breathing to support healthy posture

  • Learn breathing exercises to practice at home and on one’s own to maintain these postures and improve core strength.

  • EXERCISE: Slowly gain strength and muscular endurance. Many exercises performed will be body weight. If chairs are available, they can be incorporated into the exercises.

  • Learn how to safely align the body to move and lift.

  • Move through small exercises using the postural alignment as a guide for healthy form.

  • Begin to understand the connections within the body.

  • Learn how to prevent pain in the body.

  • Practice reducing pain within the body.

  • Hip and shoulder mobility will be covered.

  • Core strength will be engaged.

  • Learn daily exercises to continue at home.


  • Begin to learn how to make healthy decisions for oneself.

  • Discuss healthy as a spectrum.

  • Discuss how effort affects the outcome.

  • Understanding that doing one’s best is enough. Aim for your best, and you will make progress. Progress and consistency will lead to success.


  • Gain knowledge on how to eat within a healthy lifestyle by learning how to eat with nutritional purpose.

  • Learn some of the major functions of macronutrients in the body and which foods contain them.

  • Discuss how physical activity levels affect nutritional needs.

  • Introduction to micronutrients and some of the functions they assist in the body.

  • Discuss nutrient dense food versus calorically dense food.

  • Discuss whole foods versus processed foods.

Let's Get Started

TWH’s services are available to adults aged 18-65 on a sliding scale payment basis. 100% of your fees will benefit Truly Well Health’s mission and work.